Prostate tuberculosis What are the causes of the disease, how are the symptoms and what are the methods of treatment


Prostate tuberculosis <a href=injectable steroids crossfit What are the causes of the disease, how are the symptoms and what are the methods of treatment prostate tuberculosis” title=”Prostate oxandrolon tuberculosis What are the causes of the disease, how alpha pharma clen are the symptoms and what are the methods of treatment prostate tuberculosis”>Prostate tuberculosis: what are the causes viagra side effects of the disease, how are the symptoms and what are the methods of treatment
What is and what is alpha farma the prevalence now of prostate tuberculosis – study the symptoms of the disease, its causes and the best methods of treatment.

What is prostate tuberculosis: causes, symptoms and best treatments

Prostate tuberculosis is considered a serious disease by doctors, in terms of diagnosis and general clinical picture. The disease is quite rare. All cases of extrapulmonary tuberculosis account for only 11% of tuberculous prostatitis. The disease is difficult to diagnose in testosterone cypionate the early stages of development.

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Causes of development

 purulent decay body.

A healthy human body is able to resist almost all known bacteria and viruses. At the moment of weakening of immunity, it becomes more susceptible to various diseases, which in 90% of cases are transmitted by airborne droplets.

Koch’s wand – the causative agent of tuberculosis, also enters the human body VKP. Penetrated into the body, it begins to “look for” the location. In about 78% of cases, it is localized in the organs respiratory system. And only 22% is in the urinary.

Note! In the overwhelming majority of cases, infection with the Koch wand is due to contact with a sick person hallucinations on ambien.

Conclusions can do on their own.

Causative agent can be transmitted through:

  • kiss;
  • emotional conversation;
  • use untreated utensils.
  • Prostate tuberculosis What are the causes of the disease, how are the symptoms and what are the methods of treatment prostate tuberculosis

Men with reduced immunity and smokers are at risk. Tuberculous prostatitis can develop on pulmonary background.

Symptoms of the disease

The disease has no age limit. Everyone is at risk: adolescents who are in the puberty period, adult men and the elderly.

Since blood circulates well in the prostate, it is ideal for the development of bacteria and microorganisms. Weak immunity and contact with a sick person can play a terrible joke with a man of any age.

Common symptoms:

  • pronounced pain syndrome in the groin area;
  • failures in the urogenital system (frequent urination, or, conversely, urinary retention);
  • the appearance of blood, pus in the urine;
  • pain during urinary emission;
  • severe pain in the anus;
  • temperature increase bodies;
  • penile dysfunction;
  • violation of the usual mode of life.
  • Prostate tuberculosis What are the causes of the disease, how are the symptoms and what are the methods of treatment prostate tuberculosis

Attention! Symptoms and signs of TP are very similar to common bacterial prostatitis. The treatment of these two symptoms that are similar in symptoms is radically different. To make a diagnosis, careful diagnosis is needed, which consists of taking blood, urine and ultrasound of the urogenital system.

 the strongest discomfort during and after intercourse. Inflammatory processes affect other organs of the genitourinary system. After some time, reproductive problems appear.

If you feel discomfort in the scrotum, you should immediately contact a specialist. In 70% of cases with correct and timely treatment, the patient leaves the hospital, while maintaining the functionality of the reproductive system.

Treatment methods

The treatment of the disease passes in stationary conditions. The course of therapy for such prostate tuberculosis can be up to one testomix year. Treatment of tuberculous prostatitis is complex. The disease is difficult to drug therapy, due to the fact that the introduction of the required number of drugs in the body is a very difficult process.

During treatment it is important to adhere to the correct schedule. taking antibiotics. Antibiotics have a particularly effective effect if they are taken by the hour. After drug therapy, it is imperative that the intestinal microflora be restored to avoid a number of complications of the digestive system.

Modern treatment of prostate tuberculosis comes down to:

  1. Chemotherapy. One of the most common medicines are: Isoniazid and Ethambutol. The agent is administered directly through the rectum, along with drugs sonata sleep medication that increase the permeability of mucous tissues. The course of chemotherapy in the vast majority of cases last about 2 months.
  2. Antibacterial therapy. Antibiotics accompany the patient throughout the course of treatment. Antibacterial therapy involves the use of several antibiotics of the first and second generation. On average, antibacterial treatment last for half a year. In some cases, for example, with weak immunity, supportive antibiotic therapy is required, which will accompany the person for one year after the treatment of the disease in the hospital.
  3. Surgical intervention. Operations are extremely rare. Surgical intervention is possible in case of serious problems with urination. In this case, the specialist prescribes chemotherapy. two weeks before surgery. Chemotherapy acts in this case as an auxiliary treatment.

One year after treatment, the ex-patient must retest sperm and urine. If Koch’s wand is not sown, then the person can be considered completely recovered. During the first two years after recovery, the patient should be seen from time to time to a specialist.

Diagnosis of the disease

 semen and urine analysis. If after the research, the Koch wand was not detected, but the symptoms do not stop bothering the man, experts may order an additional examination of the body.

A prostate x-ray will allow a specialist with a 100% chance of confirming or rejecting the progression of the disease. Also, in some cases, manual research is possible. But manual diagnostics gives positive results only with the development of tuberculosis, and not during the period of the incubation period.

Detect the disease can be using tomography. This diagnostic method is used in almost all medical clinics. This method of research will allow to identify the development of the disease at any stage of its development.

A person who experiences regular acute pain when urinating should immediately contact a specialist. And although prostate tuberculosis is a rare disease, it is still classified by doctors as one of the most dangerous.

Prostate Tuberculosis Prevention

To avoid infection with Koch’s wand, one should maintain the state of one’s immunity at the proper level, as well as be sure to observe hygiene. sexual intercourse. During the season of viral and bacterial diseases, human immunity is significantly weakened. How to help him? This can be done using:

  1. Hardening It is important to remember gradual decrease in water temperature.
  2. Balanced diet. Include in your diet more fruits, vegetables, lean meats and dairy products.
  3. Reception of multivitamins. The following vitamins have proven themselves well: “Duovit”, “Supradin”, “Alphabet”.
  4. Walks in the open air. Avoid places in the autumn / winter season excessive crowds. Try to spend as much time as possible in the open air, and rarely go to “indoor areas like shops, supermarkets and cafes.

Important! Preventing tuberculosis comes down to limiting tobacco use and maintaining contact with an infected person.

When visiting patients with tuberculosis, you should observe some rules: be sure to wear a gauze bandage, do not drink or eat food from the patient’s dishes, after contact, be sure to wash your hands with soap and wash them thoroughly with water.

Useful video

Let’s sum up

Prostate tuberculosis is a dangerous disease that is almost impossible to identify in the early stages of development. Only after the diagnosis in a specialized institution, it is possible to talk about making an accurate Tramadol: new types of treatment diagnosis. Any discomfort in the urogenital system can be a sign of the development of tuberculous prostatitis. The disease is diagnosed exclusively in medical institutions, using tomography, ultrasound or palpation of the prostate. Treatment of the disease is complex, and takes place in a hospital.

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