Your roof and airplane wings are today built of the same materials!

Affordable, durable and quick installing.

  • Why paying fortunes?

    Why paying fortunes?

    Thanks to wider commercial availability and demand, Fibreglass Roofing is now affordable more than ever before.

  • Revolutionary durable composite

    Revolutionary durable composite

    Thanks to science, this super-firm material is impossible to cut or destroy without use of heavy duty equipment tools.

  • Unlimited colors

    Unlimited colors

    By adding color supplement we are able to match any color of your choice, and fit with your exterior design.

Here at FlatRoofers™ we aim to have all our customers HAPPY!

And we are doing it well.

I've been paying a handyman every year or two to fix some leaking on the garage but finally I do not think of this anymore! I've even got a 20 years warranty!
Bruce Fleming
Bruce Fleming
My wife was impressed by their customer service, at first, but I was too! Now I can find myself just staring at the roof and can't get enough of it's look. Of course it will never leak!
They came the very next day I called them and I have received their estimate by the end of that day! They are competitive and professional.
Mr Simon
Mr Simon